Is it enough to just do aerobic exercise for fat loss?

September 29, 2022

That is Wrong!


The first aspect is that compared with pure aerobic training, the muscle mass gained from additional strength training will greatly increase the level of metabolism in the resting state, which can help you to consume more calories more efficiently.

The second aspect is that because of the same type of training for a long time, for example, every time you exercise is running or swimming, your body will gradually adapt. With the same training, after the body adapts, it consumes less calories. When the calorie intake remains unchanged, the body will enter a plateau. And adding strength training to your fat reduction plan is a very effective way to break the plateau!

In the third aspect, many people lose fat too fast, and suffer from sagging skin. Increasing strength training will allow you to increase muscle mass while reducing fat, and it can also effectively avoid skin sagging.


What needs to be reminded is that girls, don't be afraid that strength training will make you a King Kong Barbie.

Muscle growth is not only related to training and diet, but also to hormone levels. The content of male hormones is higher than that of females, which makes males more muscular.

The testosterone content in women is not one-tenth of that in men. If you want to develop very strong muscle mass, it often takes several times more time and exercise than men.

If you are not professional in bodybuilding, it is actually very difficult to become a "King Kong Barbie". Through reasonable strength training, you can make your body firmer and more curvilinear. If you want a slim waist, hip hips, and beautiful legs, you can train with confidence.


Therefore, for boys who lose fat, strength training is needed; for girls who lose fat, strength training is also needed!


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