How to choose a home treadmill

July 29, 2022


1. Motor power

As one of the core components of the treadmill, the motor will probably not be unfamiliar to everyone, because the motor can be said to be the "heart" of the treadmill. It can be seen that the quality of the motor also determines the quality of the treadmill. Generally speaking, the higher the horsepower of the motor, the higher the stability of the treadmill, and the higher the corresponding cost and price. Therefore, the first step in choosing a treadmill is to clarify the motor power, because for most ordinary athletes, the motor is usually not easy to see, so only by in-depth understanding can you choose a treadmill that suits you.

Of course, it is still necessary to know that the power unit of the treadmill motor is HP (Horse Power), which means the maximum power that the treadmill can reach in a certain period of time. The common running motor power is mainly divided into three types: 2.5HP, 3.0HP and 4.0HP.

2.5HP motor

Main features: Treadmills equipped with this motor power generally can withstand people with a body weight of 60kg. Of course, this is only a conventional recommended value, because there are many brands of treadmills that have a difference in the maximum load-bearing capacity, which is mainly based on continuous horsepower. If you run for a long time with more than the motor power of the treadmill itself, it will inevitably cause overload and shorten the service life of the treadmill itself, so pay special attention to these situations. In fact, the weight of the treadmill will also have a certain relationship with the quality, workmanship, and material of the motor itself.

Recommendations for selection: Generally, those with jogging habits or older sports groups (junior athletes) can consider this type of treadmill.

3.0HP motor

Main features: This kind of motor power treadmill is a relatively powerful treadmill, but it is recommended to run during your habitual time to ensure that the treadmill has a stable and continuous heat dissipation time after use, and avoid excessive temperature. Conditions that cause damage to the motor.

Selection suggestion: If your weight is above 90kg, you don't need to consider it, because if the weight exceeds the maximum load of the treadmill, it will actually be an indirect loss to the motor.

4.0HP motor

Main features: As the treadmill market has become saturated in recent years, the appearance of 4.0HP treadmills and above is very common. Generally, the motor power of this kind of treadmill is larger, and the driving force is also larger, and the performance of the running machine is more stable. However, the production cost of the corresponding motor will be slightly higher, so the price range of high-power motors will be higher, and the actual power consumption will also be larger. Maintenance after normal use is also particularly important.

Selection suggestion: If you are a professional runner or a weight greater than 150 kg, you can consider a treadmill with a 4.0HP motor power;


2. Running belt width

The width of the running belt of a treadmill can be said to be one that many people ignore when choosing. Because people generally focus too much on the motor and shock absorption of the treadmill, but this does not mean that you can ignore it. Because you will often find that the width of the running belt is smaller than the actual one after you have used it, and even compared with the treadmill in the gym, it is completely incomparable, making it impossible to let go of running. Nowadays, common running widths are roughly divided into four types: 42CM, 45CM, 48CM, and 52CM. However, it is worth noting that the wider the running belt width, the better. The choice must be based on the actual situation. The following will distinguish the differences. Place.

42CM running belt

Generally speaking, the width of the 42CM running belt can be divided into a small treadmill, and its motor power and dead weight are relatively small, so the load-bearing capacity will be relatively small. And this kind of treadmill is designed as a starting point for the youth runners.

Because the 42CM running belt is equipped with a 2.5HP motor, there is almost no problem with carrying young people, and the price range is relatively affordable.

45CM running belt

Treadmills with a width of 45CM are generally equipped with a 3.0HP motor, which is relatively the standard for public running. And this kind of treadmill width is generally most suitable for people with thin physique.

Because thin people naturally stand on the treadmill, the distance between their feet on the treadmill is 30CM. The treadmill running belt with this width will leave enough buffer space. Secondly, the thinner people can also use the 45CM running belt width treadmill to achieve muscle gain. .

48CM running belt

Treadmills with a width of 48CM are generally equipped with a 3.0HP motor, which is a type of treadmill with a relatively high cost performance. Generally, it can accommodate runners with a slightly wider body, with a moderate amount of space reserved, and the feet will not touch the edge of the treadmill during running.

Secondly, why is it cost-effective? Because the width of the running belt of this kind of treadmill can accommodate more people of different body types. Secondly, the treadmill with the 8CM wide running belt basically does not have many materials, regardless of its self-weight, load-bearing, user comfort, price and other aspects. All have the upper hand.

52CM running belt

52CM running belt treadmills are generally equipped with 4.0HP motors, which are mid-to-high-end models in the width of treadmill running belts. Generally, except for their own weight exceeding 100kg, there is no need to consider their weight bearing problems. Make sure that you can always enjoy the fun of open running, and it is practical for men, women and children. If economic conditions permit, you can also consider this type of treadmill.


Three, shock absorption system

If the treadmill does not have a good damping system, it feels like running outdoors on flat ground. Because the impact caused by it will be larger than that on flat ground, it will also affect your knee joints in the long run. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the treadmill motor power and running belt width, the choice of its shock absorption system is also a very important step. Common running shock absorption systems are divided into three types: silicone shock absorption, suspension shock absorption, and spring shock absorption.

Silica gel shock absorption

This type of treadmill shock absorption system, as the name suggests, is the most common type of shock absorption system that is installed on the treadmill with silica gel columns. In the process of running, it can disperse the anti-impact force of the treadmill running board on the human body to the greatest extent, and effectively protect the ankle and knee joint positions. So it can be said that it is just a shock absorption system with scientific and reasonable design, and the treadmill will also filter out noise to the greatest extent during running, creating a quiet and comfortable running environment.

Suspension damping

Suspension shock absorption is a kind of treadmill shock absorption system with better effect. It is generally composed of elastic elements, shock absorbers and guiding parts. In addition to protecting the knee joints during running, it can also keep the thigh muscles at a frequency of motion. To improve the rhythm of running. Secondly, this kind of damping system is similar to the suspension damping commonly used in automobiles. The disadvantage is that the noise generated by the treadmill is relatively large. Generally speaking, the price is higher. It is recommended for people with a certain level of running.

Spring damping

From the literal meaning of the spring damping light, we can know that the damping effect is achieved by the spring. And now most treadmills are placed in a combination of horizontal and vertical to achieve an optimization goal.

Because of the shock absorption effect of placing in these two directions, it will absorb 63% more impact than other shock absorption systems. The shock disperses the impact force on the knee joint, which can greatly reduce the injury of the knee joint.

Therefore, when choosing a treadmill with a spring shock absorption system, you can pay attention to its structure. A good treadmill must use a combination of horizontal shock absorption and longitudinal shock absorption. The force is reduced to a minimum, and it can also reduce noise.

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